Antibacterial floor and wall tiles

To live a healthy and safe life has always been important and since the COVID-19 outbreak, our focus on health and hygiene has been brought to the fore. At livingtiles we pride ourselves on offering customers the latest in tile advancements. That’s why we carry a range of tiles featuring – PROTECT®

PROTECT® is an exclusive collection of high-performance, anti-bacterial floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware, perfect for a safe, hygienic and protected home or commercial space.

The PROTECT® ceramic surfaces contain an anti-microbial shield eliminating up to 99.9% of surface bacteria. Floors and wall coverings that are always protected, 24 hours a day.

Easier hygiene and cleaning, for safety throughout the home. Forever.

The science…

  • Bacteria can double in number on untreated surfaces every 20 minutes.
  • Silver ion is integrated permanently into PROTECT ® products during the firing phase, at over 1200 °C, making it constantly active, 24-7, throughout the life of the product.
  • When bacteria come in contact with the treated surface, Microban ® technology acts by blocking their metabolism; it interrupts bacteria’s ability to grow and reproduce.

Impressed? We were – and we’d love to show you the range. Contact us to find out how PROTECT® works or check out the technical video.

Collections with PROTECT®