Residential design is at the very core of livingtiles. We pride ourselves on our quality service, wide product selection and high level of repeat and referral business.

Bondi Penthouses

Products Featured

  • Main floors & bathrooms  I  Square  I  white  I  1200×1200  I  Micro Mosaics  I  grey  I  100×10
  • Bathroom  I  Square  I  white  I  1200×1200  I  Kit Kat I  sage  I  100×10
  • Entry stairs  I  Square  I  grey  I  1200×600
  • Balcony  I  Square  I  white rock  I  800x800x20

Hunters Hill Residence

Products Featured

  • Main floors / powder room  I  Nextone  I  grey natural  I  900×900
  • Fireplace  I  Diesel Living Arizona  I  steel  I  300×1200
  • Pool / Alfresco  I  Nextone  I  grey grip  I  600×600
  • Bathroom 1  I  Nextone  I  white lappato  I  600×1200
  • Bathroom 2  I  Nextone  I  dark natural  I  300×600
  • Bathroom 3  I  Nextone  I  dark natural  I  600×1200
  • Laundry splashback  I  Diesel Shades of Blinds  I  white  I  100×300

Concord Residence

Products Featured

  • Living area & Fireplace  I  Cliffstone  I  grey lappato  I  600×1200
  • Outdoor area  I  Cliffstone  I  grey anticato  I  600×1200
  • Bathrooms